Vinyl Compounds

  • Why Vinyl

    When you look at the durability, sustainability and versatility of vinyl, it is difficult to imagine a better polymer. It’s easy and economical to process, easy to install and durable once in the field. It comes in two main forms, flexible and rigid, with a wide array of thicknesses and virtually limitless colors.

    Of vinyls many qualities, features and benefits, here are just a few:

    • Inherent Flame Resistance
      • No FR additive bloom on surface 
      • Lower cost than FR additives 
    • Chemical resistance 
    • UV resistance 
    • Impact resistance 
    • Superior aesthetics 
    • Sustainability
      • Smaller carbon footprint 
      • 100% recyclable 
      • Consumes less fossil fuels 
    • Agency approvals 
      • UL, NSF, CSA, FDA, RoHS, USP VI