Vinyl Compounds

  • CPVC

    The heat and corrosion resistance of Westlake’s ProTherm® chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) compounds make them a versatile and durable choice in many applications. These specialized compounds are used to manufacture pipe and fittings for industrial complexes for acid and caustic production, pulp and paper, fertilizer production and wastewater treatment. CPVC products carry NSF standard 14 and 61 listings for commercial liquid handling and residential hot and cold water plumbing systems. These enhanced properties, along with a low-installation cost, also make CPVC pipe and fittings ideal for use in commercial and residential fire sprinkler protection systems.


  • ProTherm

    ProTherm® CPVC Applications and Products

    ProTherm® CPVC is an engineering grade thermoplastic known as post chlorinated polyvinyl chloride – (CPVC).  ProTherm® has been developed utilizing the best resin and compound technologies available in the world.

    This, in turn, produces a piping system (pipe and fittings) that has superior toughness, excellent resistance to a wide variety of chemicals, and a superior lifespan in demanding fluid handling applications.

    CPVC has been used successfully in a diverse number of applications for half of a century.