Vinyl Compounds

  • Rigid

    Westlake manufactures rigid PVC molding and extrusion compounds that offer outstanding processability, including excellent flow and good thermal stability. These handling characteristics, combined with outstanding end-product performance, make Westlake rigid PVCs ideal for applications, including housing and construction materials, business equipment and appliance components, electrical parts, pipe fittings and more.

  • Rigid Compound Products and Processes


    ProTherm® CPVC is an engineering grade thermoplastic known as post chlorinated polyvinyl chloride – (CPVC).  ProTherm® has been developed utilizing the best resin and compound technologies available in the world.

    This, in turn, produces a piping system (pipe and fittings) that has superior toughness, excellent resistance to a wide variety of chemicals, and a superior lifespan in demanding fluid handling applications.

    CPVC has been used successfully in a diverse number of applications for half a century.  


    From powders to pellets, Axiall rigid PVC extrusion compounds offer customers easy processing combined with good strength, weatherability, chemical resistance and toughness. Markets for our rigid extrusion products include: window and door profiles, vinyl siding, point-of-purchase displays, electrical conduit and deck/fence profiles. 

    Blow Molding

    Axiall manufactures a full line of PVC blow molding compounds in general purpose and food grades as well as specialty formulations for applications requiring high-impact strength and chemical resistance. Bottles molded from Axiall PVC compounds are widely used for packaging toiletries and cosmetics, automotive waxes, water, and liquid hand soaps.

    Injection Molding

    Rigid injection molding compounds from Axiall are formulated to provide processors with a combination of flow, heat stability, color hold and surface appearance.  The materials are also inherently flame retardant and chemically resistant.  Typical applications for injection molded PVC parts include, but are not limited to: appliance components, housings for business machines and computers, electrical components, pipe fittings, and medical parts.

    Vinyl Solutions Products

    This family of products partially contains a recycled stream which helps to make these products more cost competitive.  These products are typically used in non-color critical, non-appearance extrusion and injection molded applications.


    Our powder compounds are used in extrusion applications using high-speed, twin screw production.